Tangerine helped us create a website that perfectly suited our business. Kajall and her team always provide workable suggestions based on the client’s requirements and budgets. They have always been available to constantly help us with the maintenance of our website which is our core communication and marketing tool

Cherag and Roozmehr
Cherag and RoozmehrRC Design Studio Founders

I have known Kajall for over three decades, initially in the capacity of her teacher, and now as her friend, and her student of Internet technology, and the mysterious world of Social Media and Branding which Kajall understands so well. I am proud to see the dedication that Kajall shows for her work and applaud her for initiative and skill. As an entrepreneur, she often goes above and beyond the call of duty, giving more than her 100% to all her clients. Her helpful nature and her affability are her strong assets. I wish Kajall much. success in all her endeavors.

Ellaeenah Niloufer
Ellaeenah NilouferEnergy Intuit & Bach Flower Therapist

I have been associated with Tangerine for the last 2 years. Kajall, the driving force behind the company does a great job of managing and leading the processes. She is always up-to-date and proactive, which I feel is very important in the advertising space and makes working with her easy and effective. The team is very also knowledgeable, responsive and committed. Well done and wish you all the best!

Saurabh Mittal
Saurabh MittalFounder, Pblishing

We’ve worked with Tangerine on several projects together, they are the only agency we have encountered whose approach towards reputation management is manual and organic, they do not depend on any other tools or software, which is rare to find these days. Kajall leads an amazing team that is always enthusiastic about every project no matter how big or small. As an agency or as a client, the experience of working with Tangerine is wonderful.

Kunal Vora
Kunal VoraPartner, ABND

I have closely followed Tangerine from its inception, Kajall and her team is always focused on innovation in the dynamic field of social media with a focus on reputation management. My best wishes to you my friend, keep rocking!

Saugat Bhattacharya
Saugat BhattacharyaFilm Maker & Co Founder, TryAngles

Kajall has been instrumental in instilling into me a sense of confidence. I have seen what she has done for me and it’s been fabulous. The marketing cues that she has set up for me work phenomenally well! Kajall is very conscious about her design sense. I wish her all the best!

Dr. Hemakshi Basu
Dr. Hemakshi BasuCelebrity Physiotherapist

I have been working with Kajall for over five years, which is when she started Tangerine. Besides being super professional, she and her team are always on the ball. Big ups to you Kajall and to the team, it’s onwards and upwards from here! God Bless

Ashmit Patel
Ashmit PatelActor, Producer & Celebrity DJ

It’s Kajall’s integrity and going that extra mile that has earned her the relationships. When she says something will get done, it does. She is definitely someone that you want on your team. Kajall, I am proud of you!

Varun Raj
Varun RajCo-Founder & Producer, Tryangles

Tangerine & I started our journey 4 years ago and ever since Kajall has just been there with me. Her energy around social media is infectious. Her support has been constant. Here’s wishing her and the team good luck!

Kinita Patel
Kinita Kadakia PatelCelebrity Sports Nutritionist